In 2002, Krüger started teaching as an assistant of Prof. Karl-Heinz Kämmerling, and, from 2004 until 2008, conducted his own piano class at the Music Academy of Kassel. In 2007, he became professor at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media.
Today he is highly known as a very much sought-after professor. Many of his students and junior students have regularly won prizes and have been acclaimed for their public performances.

Roland Krüger has been teaching in master classes in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, China, Korea, at the Sibelius Academy Helsinki (Finland) and at the Music Academy of Vilnius (Lithuania).
He is also often invited as a jury member of national and international Piano Competitions (i.e. Ciurlionis, Tallinn, German National Competition).

Roland Krüger's Students 2017/2018

Jan-Aurel Dawidiuk (Pre Student)
Eric Edmundson (Pre Student)
Cem Esen
Onutė Gražinytė
Jonas Haffner
Hikaru Kanki
Yijia Lin
Haoran Liu
Jinhua Liu
Iulia Maria Marin
Prudence Clarise Anabelle Nugroho
Maria Diana Petrache
Yoomin Shin
Eugene Shon
Anastasia Sokolova
Orcun Yildiran


Prizes of Students

Aarhus (DK), International Competition for young pianists
  • 2013 2nd prize, Victoria Audrey Sarasvathi
Barletta (I), International Competition for young musicians
  • 2011 1st prize and Special Prize, Kateryna Levchenko
Bitburger Klavierspiel-Wettbewerb
  • 2006 1st prize, Noah Vinzens
  • 2008 1st prize and special prize, Julia Hermanski
  • 2012 1st prizes, Prudence Nugroho and Leon Wenzel
Braunschweig, Grotrian-Steinweg
  • 2017 2nd prize, Jan-Aurel Dawidiuk
Castellana Grotte (I), International Competition Don Vincenzo Vitti
  • 2011 1st prize, Maya Ando
Cortemilia (I), International Competition
  • 2008 2nd prize and „Scriabin-Prize“, Olga Chelova
Dresden, Anton Rubinstein Competition
  • 2012 Special Prize for contemporary music, Ji-Hwan Hong
Düsseldorf, Bachelor Piano Award
  • 2016 1st prize, Jinhua Liu
Emsland/Bentheim, Jugendkulturpreis Talente
  • 2009 1st prize, Julia Hermanski
Essen, Rotary-Klavierwettbewerb
  • 2010 2nd prize, Violetta Quapp
Granada (E), Maria Herrero
  • 2014 3rd prize, Jinhua Liu
Hamburg, Steinway-Klavierspielwettbewerb
  • 2005 2nd prize, Noah Vinzens
  • 2006 1st prize and Public Prize, Noah Vinzens
  • 2010 2nd prize, Violetta Quapp
  • 2011 3rd prize, Victoria Audrey Sarasvathi
Hanover, Karl Bergemann Sightreading Competition at HMTMH
  • 2013 3rd prize, Yukyeong Ji
Hanover, Gundlach Music Prize
  • 2017 Anastasia Sokolova
Hohenlimburg, International Hohenlimburg Music Competition
  • 2014 1st prize, Jinhua Liu
Imperia (I), International Competition
  • 2008 3rd prize and „Scriabin-Prize“, Olga Chelova
Jugend musiziert – German National Youth Competition
  • 2008 1st prize,  Hans-Sikorski-Gedächtnispreis and Klassikpreis der Stadt Münster, Noah Vinzens
  • 2009 Special prize for contemporary music at „Wochenende der Sonderpreise“ (WESPE),  Julia Hermanski (Duo)
  • 2012 1st prize,  Special prize for modern music at „Wochenende der Sonderpreise“ (WESPE),  Victoria Audrey Sarasvathi (Duo)
  • 2014 1st prize,  Hans-Sikorski-Gedächtnispreis, Leon Wenzel
  • 2014 1st prize,  Yoomin Shin
  • 2017 1st prize,  Hans-Sikorski-Gedächtnispreis and Special prize for contemporary music at „Wochenende der Sonderpreise“ (WESPE), Jan-Aurel Dawidiuk
Kasseler Kunstpreis
  • 2008 Noah Vinzens
Kassel, Louis Spohr International Competition
  • 2010 1st prize and Public Prize, Julia Rinderle
Köthen, Bach-Competition for young pianists
  • 2009 1st prize, Violetta Quapp
Lecce (I), International Competition
  • 2009 1st prize, Olga Chelova
Lindau-Friedrichshafen, Rotary-Wettbewerb
  • 2008 1st prize and Public Prize, Noah Vinzens
Meiningen, Hans von Bülow Competition
  • 2012 3rd prize category conducting from the piano, Maxim Böckelmann
Munich, Münchner Klavierpodium für die Jugend
  • 2011 9 various Special Prizes for Kateryna Levchenko, 4 various Special Prizes for Julia Rinderle, Dialog Prize
  • 2016 2 various Special Prizes for Haoran Liu, Jinhua Liu and Iulia Maria Marin
Newcastle-upon-tyne (GB), Young Pianists of the North
  • 2012 2nd prize, Victoria Audrey Sarasvathi (1st prize was not awarded)
Orléans (F), International Piano Competition
  • 2014 Isang Yun Prize, Yukyeong Ji
Paris (F), International Competition Conservatoire Russe A. Scriabine
  • 2011 2nd prize, Kateryna Levchenko
Paris (F), International Piano Competition Ile de France
  • 2011 1st prize unanimité and Special Prize, Kateryna Levchenko
Pieve (I), International Competition Lia Tortora
  • 2012 1st prize assoluto con lode, Julia Rinderle
  • 2014 1st prize, Hikaru Kanki
Piove di Sacco, near Venezia (I), International Competition Citta di Piove di Sacco
  • 2014 1st prize, Noah Vinzens
Porto (Portugal), International Competition Santa Cecilia
  • 2015 3rd prize, Yukyeong Ji
San Dona di Piave (Italy), International Competition
  • 2017 1st prize category E and Popovic Prize professional category, Leon Wenzel
Sendai (J), International Music Competition
  • 2013 6th prize, Ji-Hwan Hong
Seoul (Korea), Asia Musicians Federation Concours
  • 2014 1st prize, Yoomin Shin
Seoul (Korea), Teenager Piano Concours
  • 2014 Grand Prix, Yoomin Shin
Seoul (Korea), Sejong Music Award
  • 2014 Yoomin Shin
Sète (F), Claude Bonneton Piano Competition
  • 2011 1st prize, Kateryna Levchenko
Stockholm (SW), International Music Competition
  • 2014 1st prize, Jinhua Liu
Taurisano (I), European Grand Prize of Music
  • 2011 1st prize of piano and Mendelssohn Cup, Kateryna Levchenko
Troisdorf, International Young Pianists Competition
  • 2013 1st prize, Julia Rinderle
Valence (F), International Competition Teresa Llacuna
  • 2016 Finalist, Special Prize, Eugene Shon
Vevey (CH), Clara Haskil Competition
  • 2015 Finalist, Public Prize, Prize "Coup de Coeur" and Prize "Children's Corner", Yukyeong Ji
Vietri sul mare (I)
  • 2015 1st prize assoluto, Yoomin Shin
Würzburg, Bertold Hummel Competition
  • 2013 3rd prize, Yukyeong Ji
YAMAHA scholarship competition
  • 2014 scholarship, Victoria Audrey Sarasvathi
Zwickau, Schumann Competition for young Pianists
  • 2012 1st prize and special prizes, Victoria Audrey Sarasvathi
  • 2014 3rd prize and special prize, Leon Wenzel

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